About Us!

Hey you beautiful soul you! You’re probably wondering who we are, or maybe not but if you’re reading this you’re about to find out!

The Legion Of Demonic Gamers was created with you in mind on October 19th 2020. We began the venture of creating our Discord group because we noticed a few problems with others we participated in. This ranged from toxicity, favouritism, strictness, management, lack of drive and overall low moral amongst peers. This was exactly what we did not want in a community (drama, whose got time for that) so we made our very own all round gaming server. Console to mouse and keyboard, from Minecraft to Call Of Duty if you game or just want friendly faces we are here for the TLDG fam.

Our biggest flex is that we are not an entity ourselves but only the janitors for all of you. At the end of the day it’s our Fallen Angels that are the bee’s knees and without them we wouldn’t be here today! We give what we receive and through generous donations, merch purchases and our patreon supporters we can continue to offer great rewards to our members. Thank you!

We pride ourselves in being a non-toxic family like environment, LGBTQ+ supporting and 420 friendly, full of witty banter and freedom to be who you are. We love that everyone is a valued individual and not a number on a ticket. We have few rules and 0 policy on your activity, you be here when you want to be, not because you’re forced to be. We are one family and we love our family!

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